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In this simple to use Blueprint, Michael Bridgman reveals...

The forgotten Gold Mine in your business

This one key asset inside every company is often completely overlooked. Once you discover it you'll truly feel like you found a gold mine right under your feet. 

Using it to grow your business is far easier than you might think and a key part of our unique "gratitude marketing" strategy.

3 Marketing Struggles to avoid for better results

We not only help you "Reverse the Advertising Equation" with our unique system, but we also show you 3 major pitfalls most businesses fall into when they're designing their marketing.

By combining our system and avoiding these marketing mistakes you can use this blueprint to create a massive shift in your business.

A simple, easy to follow blueprint to drive up sales

Understanding why you should be marketing your business is easy, you want more sales! But understanding how to do it is a much greater challenge. 

With our "Stop Investing in Ads, Start Investing in Clients" 5 Step Blueprint, you get a proven model that you can pour your business right into and start getting massive results right away.

Thoughts from just a few of our customers

 The results of Thank You Medias strategies have
changed my view and faith in marketing.
Michael and his team rock!

David Smith

Pets to Vets

The generosity and care that Michael and the Thank You Media crew have shown me have been first rate. If you're wondering whether or not work with TYME, I strongly recommend jumping in, they have amazing integrity and professionalism.

Tim Isobe

Wolfsburg Autoworks
What Drives Us...

We believe that too many business owners feel alone in their pursuit of success. That they don't have access to all the answers and guidance they need to grow and accomplish their dreams. Less than 5% of all businesses survive past the first 5 years of operation and it's because many entrepreneurs can't get access to the right advice at the right time. 

When it comes to needing the right marketing advice at the right time at an incredible price, then in Thank You Media, you've found  a partner you can count on. ​

Who is Thank You Media

Also known as TYME, Thank You Media is a marketing and coaching company that focuses on Gratitude Marketing strategies.

Who We Are

At Thank You Media our passion is helping businesses reach more clients, create more impact & reach new levels of success through gratitude marketing.

What is Gratitude Marketing?

Well imagine spending marketing dollars, not on advertising, but on sales.

Imagine every time you paid for marketing it was because you’d made a sale. We call this “Gratitude Marketing” and with our dynamic products and services we can help you implement this powerful growth strategy in your business.
How We Help
Our portfolio of products and services offers marketing and coaching for dedicated, client focused entrepreneurs who are looking to take their business to the next level.

If you've always wanted to grow your business but aren't sure you have the skills, know how or even the budget to get it done then our courses and services are ideal for you.

A word from the CEO

The road of an entrepreneur often seems to be a lonely one. It seems that way because we think differently than a lot of those around us who have regular jobs.

We are visionary's. 

We are the "mad scientists" & the "wacky artists" of the business world and carving our vision into reality feels like a solo performance. 

But, this doesn't have to be true for you. I founded TYME and carefully selected it's products and servcies so that entrepreneurs ,like you, knew there was a community out there to support them and help guide them on the way to creating that new reality.

Enjoy the journey, you've found your tribe.  

                                                                  -Michael Bridgman, CEO Thank You Media

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